This page is for parents to learn more about how pupils  are assessed at St John's. 

 The links below have lots of information about how pupils are assessed, how teachers to make their teacer assessments and what formal assessments are used in this process. There is also information about what statutory asessments  take place in which year group


Assessment at St John's Slide Show


The following link is to a  parent booklet explaining the terminology used in school and reports but also explains the process of assessment at St Johns too.


Assessment at St John's Booklet


If you would like any further information please do call into the school office.


Below are links to the Government sample papers.  Please click the links below access the sample papers and a link to a site where all previousl papers can be found. Please use this as a resource to see what type of questions may be asked rather than using them with your children. Some of these tests will be used in school especially in Year 6.

Key Stage 1 Maths Papers

Key Stage 1 Reading Paper

Key Stage 1 Grammar Paper


Key Stage 2 Maths Papers

Key Stage 2 Reading Paper

Key Stage 2 Grammar Paper