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Katie quinn(about a decade ago)

For those who don't know me I'm an ex-student of this wonderful school. St. John's seems ages ago but always has a place in my heart ❤️ When I visit it seems to get better by the day! Hi to a the teachers. Miss you

Brooke Clark(about a decade ago)

I remember going to this primary school,it is so good:') the photos on here are amazing! It's nice to watch my primary school get older and older:) good luck to everyone going up a year,it's an amazing school,you won't want to leave it!:D

Kate Honeybun (ne Kathryn Ellis)(about a decade ago)

Dear Barry Thank you so much for the photo - you were right, it is the right one. I am the only girl (2nd from the right at the back). I am racking my brains to remember the boys names; I think some of them are Graham Banyard, Steven Mann & Terry Ambrose, but I wouldn't want to put money on that being correct! Mrs Palmer was the Head Teacher and I think our classroom was the furthest on the right when you approached the school via the path up from St Johns Road, our teacher was Mrs Bacon who used to give really good piggy-backs around the playground if you stood on the dustbins to climb up onto her!! One day I would love to see what has been done to the School since I left 30+ years ago. Thank you again, it was very kind of you to go to the trouble of finding it. Best wishes

Barry Blackman(about a decade ago)

Dear Mrs Honeybun, An album of old photographs is kept in the headteacher's office. In the album is a photograph taken on the "new" school's first day in January 1972. I will send you a copy.

Kate honeybun (ne Kathryn ellis)(about a decade ago)

I was in the first reception class to start their education in the "new" (current) school buildings when the school moved from the original Victorian buildings in 1971. Mrs Palmer was headmistress & I remember a photo of Mrs Palmer along with myself & 2 or 3 other children from the reception class which hung in the entrance hall opposite the reception office. Is the photo still hanging & is it possible to obtain a copy? My parents still near St Johns & whenever we are visiting colchester & drive past the school I wonder about test photo. Thank you.

khushreen patel(a couple of decades ago)

My only comment is that when you want to leave a question for playzone it is difficult to see the verification code. would help if the text on the code was a little more easier to identify. overall good site.

Vickie Thomas(a couple of decades ago)

What a wonderful web site! I keep exploring it to see if I can find anything that has been missed off. I can't! Well done St Johns :-) The only downside seems to be when submitting a comment - getting past the 'scam' word checker is never easy

Shiela Winwright(a couple of decades ago)

Lovely new website - great photos!