Our School Governors

To contact the chair of Governors please either send letters addressed FAO Helen Wilson to the school address or contact directly on hwilson@stjohnscofe.com

Please click on a Governor's name to see a short profile of them.


 Name  Role  Type of Governor  Term of Office  Appointment  Pecuniary and Personal Interests
 Helen Wilson  Chair  Foundation  4 years  28/07/2022  SBM Services
 Katie Whall  Vice Chair of Governors  Foundation DBE  4 years  26/05/2022  Essex County Council Legal Services
 Shiela Winwright  Link/Chair Curriculum Committee  LA  4 years   05/04/2022  None
 John Howard  Governor  Co-opted  4 years  01/07/2019  None
 Rev'd Andrew Sachs  Priest in Charge  Ex-Officio  N/A    Wife (Member of staff at school)
 Craig Twin  Headteacher  Ex-Officio  N/A    None
 Karen Berrie  Governor  Staff  4 years  21/09/2022  None
 Karen Gook  Governor  Parent  4 years  26/11/2018  None
 Luke Ealden  Governor  Parent  4 years  04/12/2019  None
 Melissa Pryce-Jenkins  Governor  Parent  4 years  20/09/2022  None
 Dean Aitchison  Governor  Co-opted  4 years  03/11/2021  None
 Clare Horsewill-Rose  Governor  Co-opted  4 years  03/11/2021  None


Full Governing Body Meetings

Autumn 031121 Autumn 011221 Spring 260122 Spring 090322 Spring 240322 Summer 260522 Summer 060722
 Helen Wilson  Present  Present  Present  Present  Present                  Present  Present         
 Katie Whall  Present  Present  Present  Present  Present  Present  Present
 Craig Twin   Present  Present  Present  Present  Present  Present  Present
 Will Langhamer Apologies  Apologies  Present  Present  Apologies  Present  Present
 Karen Gook  Apologies  Present  Present  Present  Present  Present  Present
 Luke Ealden  Present  Present  Present  Present  Present  Present  Present
 John Howard  Apologies  Present  Present  Present  Apologies  Apologies  Apologies
 Shiela Winwright  Apologies  Apologies  Present  Present  Apologies  Present  Present
 Andrew Sachs  Present  Present  Present  Present  Present  Present  Apologies
Dean Aitchison   Present  Apologies  Present  Present  Apologies  Apologies  Present
Clare Horsewill-Rose  Present  Present  Present  Apologies  Present  Present  Present