Sport at st John's




Children from year 4 had great fun when they took part in a squash tournament.

Year 3 and 4 children, as a follow up to their in school squash lessons, travelled to the Garrison Gymnasium Centre to have some more coaching in a a proper hall / courts. This will be the final session before some lucky Year 4’s are chosen to take part in the Roman Primary School’s Cup.


On the 17th November 2022 we went to the Cross Country event at the Northern Gateway where over 20 schools were represented. There were two  different tracks: year 3 and 4 ran 1000m and year 5 and 6 ran 1500m. The weather conditions were terrible: heavy rain and slippery tracks caused several competitors to fall over. We won one medal won by Floriane in year 5. Thank you to all of the teachers that took us and supported us. Everyone enjoyed
the event and we would like to congratulate to everyone who took part.
By Alice Llewellyn and Jamie King, Year 6

On Thursday 23rd February a team from St John’s went to a tag rugby tournament at The Northern Gateway. On our team was Archie, Samuel, Daniel, Adam, Nancy, Jasmine, Isla, Emma, Jacob, George and Max.
It was a freezing cold morning as we got there at 9am. Our first match was at 10am against Maldon Court School; we lost 6:3. It was an 8 minute match with no half time too. They were a private school that had professional coaches.
The next game was against Unity Primary. This was a very successful game as we won 3:1. After the first game we were warmed up and were excited that we had won.
Our next game was against Prettygate School; we won 2:0. After this game we had a break so we had some rest and some food.
We were now in the quarter final and it got really hard. We played against Kelvedon Primary and lost 3:4; they had lots of big people and our hands were freezing cold.
The next game was against Stanway Primary; we were successful and won 6:1 that meant we were 7th in the competition.
Our last game was against Heathlands Primary and we won 5:1 that meant we finished 6th in the competition out of 15. That was pretty good for a small school. We all had good sportsmanship and all of us had fun.
By Archie and Sam

Tag Rugby Tournament

Year 5 & 6 Football


On Thursday 2nd March Mr Langhamer and some parents took us to the game. We arrived at St Thomas More Primary at 3.30pm, had a warmup and we found out our positions. It was Noah in goal, Samuel (the captain) and George from Year 5 in defence. In midfield it was Harry and Coen. Up top was Adam and Owen and Leon Black was a super sub. Our formation was 2-2-2.

Then we started the game at 3.40pm. St Thomas More got a free kick near the interval of half time,  they crossed the ball in and Noah came and made a great save. Then they got a corner and they scored from it. At half time we regenerated our energy and were ready to go. Near to the end of the  match Coen passed the ball to Adam and he tapped it past the goalie and scored. The game ended at 1-1. It was a good start for our first game.

Written by Harry Purchase and Coen Harrison

Year 1&2 Fun Run

Children from St John’s took part in a local FunRun at the Northern Gateway yesterday. They all had to run 500metres.  “It was great fun” said Harley.
“Clue in the title, it was fun!” said Poppy. Congratulations to all who went. Shiny medals and certificates were awarded to all.
Thanks to Ms Brooks, Mrs Tuckwell and Mrs Gardner for taking the children.


Multiskills with years 5 and 6


Cricket Festival with Years 1 and 2


Tag Rugby Competition with Years 5 and 6


Tag Rugby County Finals with Years 5 and 6


Football Festival with Years 3 and 4