St John’s C of E primary school is committed to providing an appropriate and high quality education for all the children in our school. We believe that all children, including those identified as having a special educational need and/or a disability, are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum which is accessible to them, and to be fully included in all aspects of school life. We are committed to an inclusive approach meeting individual needs.

Some children have barriers to learning that require particular action by the school. These children are added to the school SEND register, which is reviewed termly. We support children with a variety of needs including: Autism, ADHD, Speech & Language difficulties, Dyslexia and hearing impairment. 

The school SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) liaises with parents, specialist services and the teachers to help meet each individual’s need. Teachers take account of these needs and make provision as required to support individuals or groups of children and thus enable them to participate effectively in all aspects of school life. This provision may include highly differentiated learning, additional support and resources which  differ from that given to other children of the same age.

Each child on our SEND register has an individual learning plan which includes a one page profile detailing strengths and difficulties, children’s wishes for the future and how they are best supported. It also includes information on current learning levels, next step targets and the provision the school is providing. These plans are reviewed and updated termly, with the SENCo, class teachers and parents.

We work closely with our local educational psychologist and inclusion partner, as well as having regular contact with local SENCO’s.

Staff have access to a variety of training to ensure all learning needs are understood and met accordingly. 

More information on the schools SEN arrangements can be found in the SEND Policy and the SEND Information report.  These are both reviewed annually and undertaken in consultation with staff and parents.

We have a separate medical policy for children with medical needs.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your child, please contact our school SENCO -  Mrs Karen Lee at klee@stjohnscofe.com.


Government legislation in September 2014 asked schools to publish their 'Local Offer' for Special Educational Needs.  St John's has worked with its local schools in 2014 to produce a 'local offer' that is in operation across up to 20 schools in the Colchester Area.  These school include both Primary and Secondary.  If you require any further information on the schools offer, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask to speak to the school Special Educational Needs Coordinator or SENCo.


Please click the following link to access Essex County Councils Local Offer Website.