We currently have a number of children on our SEN register.  All staff are fully aware of each child’s needs and many have received the necessary training to support them. Each child on our SEN register has a 'One Page Profile' detailing learning needs, support and next step targets.  These are reviewed regularly with the teachers and updated once a term during meetings with parents.

We have close links with local SENCo's, the specialist teacher team, speech and language and Educational Psychology.  We currently support children with a variety of needs such as: Autism, ASD, Speech and Language difficulties, Physical difficulties, Dyslexia, General Learning Difficulties and Hearing Impairment. More information on the schools SEN arrangements can be found in the SEN Policy. We have a separate medical policy for children with medical needs  

The SEN Policy for the school is reviewed annually in September.  The review is undertaken by the SENCo of the school in consultation with all staff.  The policy is then reviewed and ratified by the Curriculum Committee. The school SENCo has gained the National SENCo Award.

If you have any concerns regarding your child, please contact Mrs Lee (the school Senco) at klee@stjohnscofe.com

SEND Information Report

SEND Information Report


Government legislation in September 2014 asked schools to publish their 'Local Offer' for Special Educational Needs.  St John's has worked with its local schools in 2014 to produce a 'local offer' that is in operation across up to 20 schools in the Colchester Area.  These school include both Primary and Secondary.  If you require any further information on the schools offer, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask to speak to the school Special Educational Needs Coordinator or SENCo.


Please click the following link to access Essex County Councils Local Offer Website.