Numeracy and Literacy Curriculum

The school uses a number of resources and available  schemes to plan learning in Literacy and  Numeracy.  These are used to set learning that best suits each class and individual pupils. 

In KS1 to support Reading and phonics St Johns uses: Letters and sounds Phonics guide, Read Write Inc resources, Oxford reading Tree, Collins Big Cat and Project X books.

In KS2 to support reading we have an expansive and lexiled Library, Scholastic resources, and Reading intervention materials. 

Teaching of Reading Skills and Comprehension

Reading is an integral part of the English Curriculum and should be reflected as much in the time spent developing the skills. Reading lessons should take place on a daily basis. Either as part of the normal English work / introduction to text types and genres or as stand-alone reading lessons. 

In reading lesson there should be a whole class input. Teachers may choose this approach for the whole lesson or they may include focused group work. Group work may involve both adult led and independent groups. All tasks will be focused on the same learning intention(s).

Each lesson has a focus that the teachers and TAs explore with the children.  The following skills are included:

Comprehension Skills







Supporting Reading Skills




Decoding (including phonics)


Foundation Subjects

Foundation Subjects are taught through topics. Each topic has a main focus, such as Science, Geography or History. Some topics are taught has whole school units whilst others are taught as year group topics. Where possible, links are made to the Literacy and Maths that is being taught in each class. The school uses visitors and trips to further extend pupils experiences. Please see below the progression grids for all subjects


British Values

From September 2014, schools within England have had a duty to promote British Values.  The Department for Education (DfE) define them as:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Please click on the following link to see how we promote British Values at St John's Church of England Primary School.

Curriculum Planning

The schools long term plans for each year group are shown in the individual classess. They are updated during September each year so that our most recent planning is shown.  Please look for your child's year group under "Classes" to find the relevant curriculum plan.


We have also created a set of documents that show how the school covers the elements of the National Curriculum for the Foundation Subject.

Please click the links below to open each document.